"in media res..."

Founder ~ John J. Flynn, Ph.D. (DGA)

Dr. Flynn is a writer, director, editor and narrator whose work has been seen on HBO, PBS, Turner, AMC, and The History Channel. A Founding Partner of Timeline Films and Founding Board Member of Timescape Arts Group, he is an Associate Artist at Cornerstone Theater Company, a past Regent's Scholar, a recipient of two CINE Golden Eagle Awards, a dedicated marathon runner, husband of Risa Palley Flynn and proud father of Shea, Jack, and Max.


"In Medias Res" means "in the midst of things"...it was advice that the Roman poet Horace gave to young playwrights. He told them not to begin things Ab Ovo (from the egg)...start In Medias Res...In the Middle of the Action..."

"Stories make us human...they are one of the building blocks of all human culture. Getting them right and telling them is the fundamental human art...and it's what Story Tactics is all about."